January 2021

The prototype of our latest
invention has been tested
with very good results.

We are delighted to announce;
we've filed an application for
an utility patent.

Now we're finalizing all the stuff
needed to sign a contract with
a forward leaning distributor.

See you soon
in a store near you!

Gastromax BIO

We in Small BANG Design are very happy to be a winner in German Design Award. A good collaboration with Orthex Group.

The GastroMax Bio product range consists of essential utensils for the home kitchen. The products combine durable blades in stainless steel with handles in bio-based plastic. The material used to replace fossil-fuel plastic is made from spruce and sugarcane and offers an up to 60% reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional plastic. It combines the natural look of wood with the functional benefits of plastic (e.g. dishwasher proof).

Design: Small BANG Design and Designstudio Amsell Berlin 

Design: Small BANG Design by Mattias Mikaelsson and Staffan Svanér

Cuisinart Dual Dutch Oven

This will certainly be one of the best grill top cookware pieces you ever purchase. The Cuisinart Dual Dutch Oven brings a wide world of versatility to your grilling experience. Our unique shape is designed to fit the contours of round kettle and similar grills to use space that is typically wasted. The cast iron construction absorbs and retains heat extremely well baking foods to perfection. Try some mac and cheese, a casserole, or even an apple cobbler, The 1.5 quart capacity is enough for a delicious side dish or small meal. The lid also foubles as a griddle surface or a trivet for serving. With the Dual Dutch oven your grilling variety can be limitless.


  • Thick and durable cast iron construction
  • 1.5 Quart capacity
  • Shaped to use typically unused side space on grills
  • Lid can double as a griddle surface or trivet
  • Designed for kettle and kamado style grills, but useable on any


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